Redbox Quantify Recording Suite

Simplicity is underrated.  Often the most powerful and significant ideas grow from straightforward concepts that serve basic purposes and are executed exceptionally well.


The Red Box Quantify Recording Suite gives you access to a complete set of voice and data recording applications designed to help your organisation, no matter its size, capture communications and achieve compliance, monitor quality, perform audio analytics and manage calls.

Trusted by companies and organisations in over half of countries across the globe, Quantify is compatible with all leading communication technology platforms and is easy to integrate, with flexible installation options. Install on your own server, a pre-built Red Box recorder or go virtual.

Red Box’s solution is fully scalable, designed to grow with your business. All data recorded is obfuscated for security, is court admissible, and can be archived securely for as long as you need it to be.

Powerful yet easy to use

Quantify Recording Suite’s intuitive web-based interface gives you the tools you need to monitor and search voice and data recordings fast - and with minimal training effort required. Listen to recorded or live calls, reconstruct events from multiple communications sources, add notes and tags, and assess quality and performance.

Live monitoring

Using Quantify Recording Suite’s Live Acquire, supervisors or team leaders can select any agent or extension and monitor calls in progress or via instant replay through a headset or remote device.

A window into your organisation

Quantify Recording Suite incorporates a visual timeline that lets you see what’s happening inside your voice recording system, offering an at a glance view of call volume, duration and more.

If you need to piece together an incident or trade, Quanitify’s Event Reconstruct application makes life even easier, allowing you to build a timeline in a single pane of glass, no matter how many different sources the communications came from.

Quality management and audio analytics

With Quantify QM™, improve the quality of service and training in your contact centre. Perform agent evaluation, assessment and coaching, with live monitoring, synchronized voice and screen recording.

Quantify AudioSearch extends the capability of Quantify Recording Suite further still. It allows you to search voice content and meta data so that the right calls can be retrieved for investigation, dispute resolution and auditing purposes.  Used in conjunction with our Quantify QM™ application this offers a powerful tool for finding and scheduling reviews of calls that need evaluation, saving you time and effort.

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