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Ibratro Pte Ltd

Ibratro Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based distributor of premium and innovative products from a wide range of categories and brands. Since 2007, we have provided design-centric telephony, contact centre solutions, and store-and-forward communication systems for enterprise users.

We are known to be a provider of world class products used in the communications industry.  We are committed to helping our local partners discover and celebrate their unique presence as well as value proposition to successfully grow their telephony business by providing standardised quality programs and personalised growth programs. Ibratro has a wide range of advanced products from top brands such Aastra and Ericsson. We ensure that products are in good working order when they reach the end users.

We provide system integrators with products they can use for their projects. Ibratro offers enterprise PBX, SIP terminals, fax servers, transport equipment, hospitality suites, contact centre software and a lot more. We carry high quality equipment that we have personally tested to ensure our clients get value for their money. We constantly update our inventory to maintain competitiveness in the market. We ensure that our clients have access to the latest technology when it comes to voice communications systems.

As a trusted distributor in Asia, Ibratro provides vendors and manufacturers an avenue to distribute their products through a network of capable partners in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The team follows a strict code of ethics to ensure that they maintain high value traction in the chosen markets. Discipline is important to make sure that quality is sustained throughout the supply chain.

Since our founding in 2007, Ibratro has been providing enterprises with a wide variety of solutions, from legacy Ericsson PABXs to Aastra voice communications systems. At present, we are the proud distributor for Office 400, Mitel MX-One and other SIP and telephones products in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. We strive to be the top distributor of communications equipment in the region.


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